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Coldrey Wealth will always do the best for you. I really feel I’m not just a number, I know I’m getting really bespoke treatment, tailor-made for me.

I can trust Coldrey Wealth

My husband and I went to Coldrey Wealth 35 years ago, after our previous adviser in Cambridge went into retirement. We were looking for general financial advice, and we had met Charles Coldrey and his wife through Scottish dancing, would you believe! We got talking, became friends, and we have stayed with the company ever since.

Until recently, Charles was very much in control of the company, but he has left it in the very capable hands of his advice team.

At the time my husband did most of the managing of our financial affairs, I had very little to do with it. However, he couldn’t go it alone, we needed to find someone to ‘hold his hand’. That’s where Coldrey Wealth really come into their own.

Since my husband died four years ago, I’ve been on a bit of a learning curve when it comes to my portfolio. Of course I put in my tuppence worth when I need to, but generally I’m quite happy, and trust the team at Coldrey Wealth to sort it out for me.

They do what they say

One of the great things about everyone at Coldrey Wealth is that they do what they say - if they can’t take care of something immediately, they will make that clear. I find this honesty refreshing, and it’s great to have someone to talk to.

They’re also available at any time. Since December, for instance, I’ve had to draw out money for my daughter who was going through a divorce. I wanted to give her money to buy out her half of the house. The team have been more than helpful with that, keeping me informed every step of the way and, importantly, explaining the tax implications of what we were doing at each stage.

More than helpful - a trusted network

Then last October, a house came up about three miles away, in a village I love, but I didn’t want to cash in my portfolio to buy it. The team went above and beyond to advise me on mortgages.

Coldrey Wealth have a trusted network of partners I can tap into, and they kindly put me in touch with a mortgage agent who was perfect for me.

I trust them completely

I appreciate the fact that the team at Coldrey Wealth are relatively young – and so they’re going to see me out! I don’t want to have to explain my situation all over again to someone else, but with Coldrey Wealth I know I won’t ever need to do that – they’re with me for life.

Bespoke treatment with complete integrity

What I love about Coldrey Wealth is their complete integrity; they always do the best for you. I really feel I’m not just a number, I know I’m getting really bespoke treatment, tailor-made for me.

What I get from Coldrey is complete peace of mind. When I get in touch with them, I know I’ll get thoughtful advice. Now, it might not always be what I want to hear – they’re not pandering, but I like that, I like their honesty.

Also, I like to have paper copies, because I like to check things. Coldrey make extensive use of tech, but not for the sake of it. They know they can send something by email and I’ll get it, but they always add ‘I’ll send you a paper copy as well’. It’s the little details like that which make such a difference.

And even though they know I don’t have the first clue about finance, they’re never patronising!

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