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The most valuable thing I have from Coldrey Wealth is peace of mind, knowing I can rely on them to do whatever is necessary.

Real financial managers

I went to Coldrey Wealth when I needed someone to look after my general finances. I saw their office in town and simply walked in, but I’ve never regretted it.

That was 10 years ago. Since then, they have helped me over the years with financial planning - on how and where everything should be invested - and they’ve also advised me on how best to pass cash gifts on to my children in a tax-efficient manner.

Prior to finding Coldrey Wealth, I had worked with accountants to try to manage these things, but they just specialise in ordinary finances, not personal finance.

Coldrey Wealth are real financial managers.

Trustworthy and straightforward

Top of the list for me is that my financial adviser is trustworthy, and when I talk to anyone at Coldrey Wealth, I get the sense that they are just that.

When I need to see them, that happens right away, and the advice I get is always straightforward. I can get hold of them at any time: during lockdown for example, I spoke to them on the phone frequently.

Coldrey Wealth make it simple

I don’t think Coldrey Wealth could be more helpful. Take my estate planning, for example. They make it fairly simple for me – and they need to, because I like things straightforward when it comes to finance!

I can always rely on them to make things clear and understandable. In all of my 10 years working with them, there has never been a problem.

Friendly, bespoke service

What I like most about working with Coldrey Wealth is their friendliness, and their understanding of my needs. You just have the feeling that it is all about you - you are getting a very friendly, bespoke service.

If I had to sum them up in three words, they would be ‘honest, reliable and helpful’.

Advice you are comfortable with

When you are investing, there is always a level of risk, you can’t avoid that, but with Coldrey Wealth, you get the level of risk you are comfortable with, and I find that really helpful.

We have a review of my portfolio a couple of times a year, which takes around half an hour. Then I’m perfectly happy to leave them to get on with it.

Peace of mind

The most valuable thing I have from Coldrey Wealth is peace of mind, knowing I can rely on them to do whatever is necessary. I can leave it all in their hands. As a doctor, I look after people, not money! For me, money has always taken a back seat so I’m satisfied to leave them to look after everything on my behalf.

I recommend Coldrey Wealth to others

Other people ask me who I go to for advice on my personal finances, because they’re looking for someone and find it very hard. I have no hesitation in recommending Coldrey Wealth to them. If you know someone, and can rely on their advice, that’s very valuable – especially these days.

Above all, I value their honesty.

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